Ticket prices for movies recently hit an all-time high of almost $8.00, and with the current state of the economy, that’s meant a lot of people don’t head to cineplexes as often as they used to.

But that doesn’t mean folks aren’t seeing movies — they’re just finding more cost-effective ways to do it.

According to a new survey of more than 2,000 people from CouponCabin.com, more than half of respondents said they go to movies less frequently these days, and 61 percent of adults said they rarely or never visit cineplexes at all.

But among movie-goers who still visit theaters, these were the most popular ways of saving money:

  • 62 percent said they go to matinees instead of an evening show
  • 38 percent said they bring their own snacks and/or drinks instead of buying them from pricey concession stands
  • 32 percent said they use coupons to save on ticket costs and/or refreshment purchases
  • 6 percent said they pay for one movie, but later sneak into additional movies (for shame!)

The survey also found movie-lovers who skip theaters altogether get their fix in a variety of ways:

  • 51 percent buy or rent DVDs
  • 34 percent stream movies (a quarter of them use a paid online provider like Netflix or Amazon, and 18 percent use free services)
  • 30 percent watch on-demand movies from a cable or satellite provider

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