COVID-19 is spreading throughout the San Antonio police department.  At the beginning June there was only 6 confirmed cases among the SAPD.

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As of this morning, there was a total of 56 members of the SAPD that have tested positive for COVID-19.  These are the latest numbers and a little more information  that has been provided by SAPD.

Sworn Officer COVID-19 positive -56

Officers in quarantine - 71

Civilians in quarantine-80

Total SAPD Personnel Quarantined- 151

COVID-19 cases are soaring throughout the State which has led to masks being mandatory in many counties, including Victoria County.

The Victoria Mask Mandate starts today, from Mayor McCoy

If you are leaving your home for essential or non-essential travel, you would do yourself and others a big favor if you put on a mask. If you are a business owner who runs a store you no longer have as many options. Mayor McCoy wants everyone in your store to wear a face cover. As a customer, we must all realize that some businesses won't want us inside the store if we do not wear a mask.
If you need more information about this mandate and other COVID-19 topics in the Crossroads, click below.


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