Having 3 kids, we’ve planned a few birthday parties. For some, we have gone all out and for a few it has just been a small dinner with close family.

My daughter’s birthday is on Christmas Eve so it’s always tricky to try and plan her party. Do we do it before Christmas or after Christmas? Do we invite all her classmates even though it’s so close to Christmas? One year she decided she wanted a luau themed party complete with swimming. That year we did a ‘half’ birthday. She had a party in June at a swimming pool. While that was a lot of fun, come December, she wanted another party!

My sons’ birthdays are a month apart and I think in the future we will probably combine their parties but for now we have 2 separate parties.

This year my daughter decided that instead of a birthday party she wanted to go to the American Girl store in Dallas, so we are planning on having a girl’s weekend in Dallas at the end of this month.

This year my middle son wants a deer hunting themed birthday party. His birthday is in May and I am currently trying to come up with ideas for this party! My youngest son whose birthday follows a month later in June is having a cowboy themed party.

My Facebook friends told me what some of their kids' birthdays have been like.

Becki says that when her kids were younger, their parties were big but as they have gotten older they have gotten smaller.

“We have scaled back to just good friends - so much better and less stressful,” says Becki.

Becks has had some of the most successful parties at the park or just kicking back at the pool.

Kelsey’s son also has a birthday close to Christmas and she says they celebrate on New Years with fireworks and extended family. However, for the most part, they try to keep it simple.

“Every year we usually keep it small for the kids. We always have a cake and decor that can found be found at HEB or card and party.”

However, for her oldest son’s 13th birthday, they went ALL out with a big surprise!

“Since he was becoming a teenager, we took him and our nephews and family (11 of us) to see Jason Aldean in Concert, then went to Katy to eat at Babins, we stayed the night in Katy and the next day took them to the Bass Pro Shop.”

Sherri also likes to go all out! She really went the extra mile to give her son a memorable birthday party!

“Last year, I rented a train to take all the kids around the neighborhood”

Big birthday parties seem to be a hit, as Sonya says they do it big for their son!

“We have given Matthew a big party every year!”

Stephanie also is a fan of a big birthday bash!

“I go all out, big party and cake! Most of my friends don’t and I have gotten some negative comments, but I LOVE birthdays and I want to celebrate the most awesome kids I know… MINE!”

Whether you go all out or keep it small and simple, the most important part is recognizing your child’s special day. While they might not remember all the details of their birthday parties, they will remember that you helped to make them feel special and that can be done just by sharing a special moment telling them how happy you are to have them and how special they are to you.