We are just about a year and a half away from the next Texas governor election and the rumors have already been flying for awhile. There has been a lot of talk about Matthew McConaughey running. There has also been some talk about Beto O'Rourke running as well. Beto has climbed the political ladder in El Paso but has most recently had two straight unsuccessful election campaigns. He gave 'ole Cancun Teddy Cruz all he could handle in the run for U.S. Senate in 2018, and then had a short lived campaign for President in 2020.

It's not known yet if Beto will run for Governor of Texas or not and it's making Texas Democrats anxious. Texas Democratic Party chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said:

Impatience is not the word for it. But anxious is.

Beto hasn't made any formal moves toward challenging current Texas Governor Greg Abbott, like reaching out to donors or recruiting staff. There isn't an official timeline for any of this, but it's certainly possible that we have a three way race for Texas Governor coming up in 2022 between Beto O'Rourke, Matthew McConaughey, and incumbent Greg Abbott.

Texas has become a pretty big battle ground state between Republicans and Democrats over the past few years. If you aren't familiar with the history of governor here in the state of Texas, you might think it's been Republican for almost it's entire history. It's actually the opposite. The last three governors have been Republican, dating back to George W. Bush in 1995, but before that it was almost always Democrat.

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