Brace yourself, Texas has its sights set on reopening businesses in early May. People are nervous about this and this author doesn't blame them one bit.

What a time to be a public official. You are looking at the real possibility of unemployment in certain communities going through the roof. Nobody wants that. Do you know what else nobody wants? Their loved ones exposed to the virus because we reopened too soon. What an incredibly difficult decision to ponder.

I was actually glad to see Marc Cuban speaking out about reopening Texas too soon. While Marc has said many things I have not agreed with in the past, regardless of who it was, I'm just glad somebody made a point to say it's probably too soon to do this.

I just happened to catch the interview that Cuban did with Fox's Laura Ingraham a couple of days ago. This story was included on the website and makes several decent points about the uncertainty of all of this.

Marc brings up that our leaders have zero protocols established for retail and restaurants alike. Let's say you go to dinner and leave your mask on the table. Is this now a hazardous material? When you try on clothing at a store and don't buy them, what should they do with the clothing left in the fitting rooms during all this 'Rona madness? I'm sure we could all come up with countless examples of concerning questions at this point.

Cuban said, "The fact that there are no state and federal guidelines means it’s all up in the air and you just have to trust these companies." This is important to think about.

While Cuban is on the Trump Economic Advisory Council, he hasn't always been best friends with the President. Cuban made some comments on KDFM TV in Dallas yesterday about his work on President Trump's advisory committee. He told the media the advisory council has been working through phone and video conferencing to work the issues.

Cuban said he expects an America 2.0 to emerge from the crisis once this is all over. Whenever that will be. Cuban says he expects job losses will continue if we open now or later.
Whatever course of action is taken, I know that our leaders in Texas will do what they feel is the best choice for everyone. However, please take a moment to really evaluate what you are doing to socially distance yourself from others. Be vigilant about wearing a mask in public. If others are not wearing a mask, leave that area. Don't get caught up in the idea that since things are reopening we must be in the clear. I heard it said this week that if COVID-19 was a baseball game that we would be in the second inning. There are a lot of innings left to play. Can't we at least wait until the 7th inning stretch before we need to visit the bowling alley or go to a nail salon? It seems the answer is no.
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