From tornadoes to wildfires, floods to hurricanes, Texas has its share of natural disasters. But, have you ever wondered where in the Lower 48 states one is least likely to encounter such calamities? Well, of course, a study was done to figure out the answer to that question. Check out this map, and see if you don't think that the benefits of life in Texas outweigh the "risks" here in the Lone Star state!

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Weather disasters and quakes: who’s most at risk? The analysis [...], by Sperling’s Best Places, a publisher of city rankings, is an attempt to assess a combination of those risks in 379 American metro areas. Risks for twisters and hurricanes (including storms from hurricane remnants) are based on historical data showing where storms occurred. Earthquake risks are based on United States Geological Survey assessments and take into account the relative infrequency of quakes, compared with weather events and floods. Additional hazards included in this analysis: flooding, drought, hail and other extreme weather.


Click on the link below to see the map and full story. And always make sure you and your family have a plan, should disaster strike. The American Red Cross has some great information on how to prepare for such a disaster. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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