We live in truly amazing times! Medical advances seem to happen almost every week, especially for those who have suffered an injury to their spinal cord. I have a "bonus" son (my preferred term for "stepson") who has a spinal cord injury. While he is not a complete paraplegic, he has to use a bulky leg brace to stand upright, and a cane to walk. This TekRMD® Robotic Mobilization Device could help him, and countless others who have limited mobility, or are completely wheelchair-bound. Check out this video!

As I said, we live in truly amazing times! Now, of course, such incredible technology comes with a hefty price tag: $15,000 retail, with a $5,000 "reservation payment" required up front! But when you compare that to many medical devices that are out there, it's not terribly out of line. Add to that, the increased quality of life the person using it (and those who live with and/or assist them), and it seems well worth the price to me! If you'd like to know more, go to the TekRMD® website.

(Robotic support brings freedom to paraplegics - Tek RMD - YouTube)