Maddie & Tae know how to make their fans happy on Valentine's Day. The dynamic duo have revealed that they started a tradition in 2015 of making homemade gift boxes for some lucky fans on Valentine's Day.

"We always just want to make sure that whoever's out there, that they feel loved on Valentine's Day, and so we make these little gift boxes," Taylor Dye explains, saying they typically include candy, candles and special craft items that are handmade from the singers, along with a message that says, "Will you be our valentine?"

"It's fun, we do it all ourselves too. That's what I love about Valentine's Day."

The other half of the duo, Madison Marlow, says that she doesn't buy into the idea that someone needs a significant other on the holiday to feel loved, and decided to make the boxes as a way to show appreciation to fans.

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"We need to be people's valentines because for that one girl in high school that thinks she needs a boyfriend on Valentine's Day, we're going to be the valentine and it's going to be awesome," Marlow says, adding the boxes allow them to express themselves. "You don't have to have a valentine, you have awesome friends and family. That's what matters, that you just have love in your life."

As for their own favorite Valentine's Day memories, Dye reveals a heartwarming tradition where her boyfriend, Jackie Lee, writes her 14 letters that she starts reading on Feb. 1 and continues up until Valentine's Day.

As for Marlow, she says one of her fondest memories from the holiday is a sweet and simple one when her longtime boyfriend made dinner that the two ate by the fireplace, laughing and talking for hours, "just having so much fun, it was awesome, I thought it was amazing," she says of the special day.

The country duo were recently named to Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 List as some of music's most influential artists for 2017.

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