Luke Bryan and Jordan Davis hit pay dirt — no pun intended — with their No. 1 hit duet, "Buy Dirt," a team-up that first grew out of the two artists' blossoming friendship. To celebrate, of course, Davis and Bryan had to do something special, and they marked the moment with a trip out on the water for a duck hunt.

Bryan shared the fun on social media, posting a video of himself, Davis and several other buddies wearing matching camouflage outfits and hanging out on a boat.

"It's the 'Buy Dirt' duck hunt!" Bryan gleefully says in the clip, stumbling over the tongue-twisting sentence as he pans the camera over towards his giggling fellow hunters.

It's a particularly on-brand celebration for the song, too: "Buy Dirt" is filled with lyrics extolling the pleasures of living out in the country and reaping the rewards of the simple life.

While it's unclear whether or not it's Davis and Bryan's first duck hunt together, one thing's for sure: They first bonded over the things they have in common other than stardom. Davis previously recounted that he decided to ask Bryan to join him on the track because of how much he admired the superstar as a friend, dad and family man.

"We sat around the fire after a golf tournament one day, smoking cigars and talking about everything but music," Davis remembered. "That conversation always stuck with me. Luke isn't just a great entertainer; he's a great Dad, a great husband, and a great friend, too. That's what 'Buy Dirt' embodies. When I wrote 'Buy Dirt,' I knew he could relate to the song's message. I took a chance and asked him to join me on the recording, and he said yes."

"Buy Dirt" is the title track of Davis' newest EP, and it also lends its name to his current Buy Dirt tour. Earlier this month, he announced another leg of the tour.

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