It's the most wonderful time of the year and there's also no better time to show the world how much you love the holiday season. Let's light up our neighborhoods more than ever before. How?

Between now and December 12, we need you to share photos of your brightest, most creative and breathtaking holiday light displays.

Maybe this year you lugged all 12 crates of lights out of the basement and blanketed the entire house. Maybe you rented some heavy equipment to decorate the towering pine tree in your front yard. Maybe there's a life-size replica of Santa's sleigh shining brighter than a Vegas casino in front of your business.

We want to see it.

But it's also the time of year for giving, so we'd love to wrap up a tiny box containing $500 thanks to Courtesy Car Wash to one lucky person who shares their beautiful holiday display with us.

Ready to light up the Crossroads and send 2021 out with the brightest celebration ever? Submit your photo in the form below or through our app.

Keep checking back here as we highlight the best displays.

Let’s lift as many spirits as possible by bringing brightness to everyone!

House Decorated with Christmas Lights
Nicole S. Young

View all of the contest rules here.

We can't wait to see our community LIT! Best of luck and Happy Holidays Y'all!

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Christmas Wonderland

The Steel House in Lubbock Texas

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