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"We always do the same thing on date night!"

"We always do the same thing on date night!" Is that something you or your significant other has ever said before?

Well, mudbugs, we are going to help you spice it up!

Yep, we are going to help you really spice things up with our friends at Cracked Crab! It's your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to one of our favorite secrets in Victoria. Cracked Crab is located at 700 Coleto Park Road, right here in Victoria Texas.

Fifty bucks goes a long way at the Cracked Crab with entrees like seafood boils, grilled cobia, Blazin Cajun, and yep, frog legs.

But here is the thing, it's not just the food at Cracked Crab. It's the ambiance.

Never been to Cracked Crab before? YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT!

We were just there the other night and LOVE LOVE LOVE the big backyard. Tons of things for the kiddos to play with outside as well as lit intimate seating for outdoor dining on a crisp autumn evening too.

Inside you're going to be waited on by some of the most fun waitresses in the Crossroads. It really makes for the perfect date night.

Great food, great service, and you don't have to pay for it! Instead what you have to do is EASY, you just have to share with us VIA the station app and let us know why you deserve a date night in Victoria!


Yes, you do! Grab your phone and hit the drop-down menu, you are looking for the " Submit Photo and Video" button. Don't worry you do not have to send us a photo! Fill in your name and email and an icon " RECORD SHORT AUDIO CLIP"

Once you record why you need a date night out, you'll get a submitted confirmation.

Just remember you're doing this for fried alligator y'all! Oh ya, and to hang out with your partner.

We want to hear from you! Yes, we are going to likely use your voice on the radio! If you hear your story on air you are a finalist! We pick the winners FRIDAYS!

Before you go out to Cracked Crab, check out this amazing Dias De Los Muertos display at the Nave Museum!

Crossroads Dias De Los Muertos Celebration




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