Singer-songwriter Lee Brice is wearing several hats these days, including fiance, father, hitmaker of No. 1 singles, current tourmate of Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley, and upcoming tourmate of Brad Paisley. Believe it or not, he's ready to add one more hat to the pile, as he's going to play producer for new duo American Young.

"American Young [is] made up of Kristy Osmunson, who used to be in Bomshel, and John Stone, who produced my record with me," Brice tells the Boot. "Kristy was the girl in Bomshel who played fiddle and sang, and she's an unbelievable player and singer. Since John produced my record with me, I'm producing a record with him. They've recorded a few of my songs that I'm real excited about, and I can't wait for people to hear them."

It sounds like Brice's whirlwind life will just keep picking up steam, as he adds, "Faith Hill just cut a song of mine called 'Boy,' and I'm excited about that. And then there are a few things I'm excited about but don't want to mention yet." It sounds like the secret projects are work-related, although he is also working on a surprise honeymoon for his fiancee.

Brice's focused and determined work ethic is certainly not 'hard to love,' and it sounds like with that in check, he'll manage his many endeavors just fine.