Laine Hardy's criminal record could be wiped if the American Idol winner can keep his nose clean. He was accused of leaving a listening device in his ex-girlfriend's dorm room nearly one year ago.

The unnamed woman told police she thought Hardy had left an audio recorder in her room as early as February 2022. She found it under her bed two months later and thought it was a cell phone charger before looking it up online. News reports at the time indicated she confronted the star, and he allegedly admitted to the crime, but said he threw it in a pond.

  • Hardy was booked at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on April 29, 2022.
  • His alleged crime — interception and disclosure of wire, electronic or oral communication — carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
  • Hardy won Season 17 of American Idol in 2019 and appeared on the ABC show as recently as last month.

This update on the charges comes from local Louisiana TV stations like WAFB, as well as Taste of Country radio station 97.3 the Dawg. Hardy has entered a pre-trial program that would result in all criminal charges being wiped from his record if he meets certain conditions.

WAFB sourced the local District Attorney in adding that, generally, this means targeted behavior management courses and/or community service. Participants would learn tools that "allow them to handle situations better in the future."

At the time, the woman was a student at LSU, and the alleged crime happened at Azalea Hall. Since last April, Hardy and his record label 19 Entertainment have separated. He's been quiet on social media, aside from a handful of photos and song shares on Instagram.

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