The Kobe Bryant mural that was finished just days ago in Austin, Texas, hardly had time for the paint to dry before someone had to ruin it. Can you believe it? I literally JUST saw this debut last Thursday with KXAN and it was beautiful. Here is their youtube video of the artwork.

I had to take a second look online after seeing the mural in my feeds on Thursday and Friday, then suddenly it's in the news again on Saturday. Only this version was that someone had already tried to deface the Bryant mural just hours after it was finished. WTH, people? The paint was hardly dry.

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KVUE caught a glimpse of what happened. After seeing what was done, I thought about all the time put into the mural by its creators. Some goober takes 20 seconds to drive up and tries to ruin it. says resident Rashad Rivers was walking to the mural when he saw what was done. He posted the photo to his Twitter feed.

Senseless. Kobe and his daughter passed in a horrific accident. Whatever anyone wants to say about Colorado in 2003 is worthless now, isn't it? I feel awful for his family. They've been through more than enough already.

Thankfully, the mural has been touched up and repainted this weekend. If you happen to be headed to Austin and want a closer look at the mural, you'll find it painted on one of the sides of the Sushi Hi building which is at Guadalupe and West 29th in Austin.

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