Beginning back in march KIXS 108 started scheduling victual hangouts with some of our friends in country music in order to keep the artists in touch with our amazing audience during a time when live music was just not an option.

Since then, additional social distancing measures got put in place, making a live video on social media one of just a few ways to listen to an artist perform during the pandemic. In its own way, this has become a pretty cool silver lining during all this because now KIXS 108 is going to give you a chance to HOST a special virtual hangout and performance for YOU and 10 of YOUR friends!

Your surprise guest? How about Luke Bryan?!

Yes! KIXS 108, We Buy Homes - the only name you need to know in real estate, and Universal Music Group are going to give YOU a chance to host this virtual experience that is just for you and your friends! Who would you invite to this once in a lifetime experience? This is another experience that money can NOT buy, but you can win it with the free KIXS 108 mobile app.

Beginning Tuesday, KIXS 108 will announce code words at 8:20 AM, 12:20 PM, and 4:20 PM. Simply enter the codes on our app by clicking on "Luke Bryan in Your Living Room". We will issue the Luke Bryan codes 3 times a day, 7 days a week from May 26th to June 14th. The more codes you enter the better your chance to win this virtual hangout!

You'll have time to ask Luke anything you want and hear him play some of his songs and some of your requests. Enter your number into the box below for a free download of the KIXS 108 app. Now you'll be ready to catch the codes on Tuesday Morning. Good luck!


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