As a mom, you love your kids unconditionally, but they sure can embarrass you sometimes! Just the other day, standing in line at the checkout at HEB, my Bowen, who is 2, pointed to a bearded man standing behind us and YELLED, “That man looks like a billy goat! That billy goat STINKS!”

Talk about wanting to run away! I was so embarrassed and couldn’t even turn and walk in the other direction because I had all my groceries laid out on the belt and was ready to check out. To add salt to the mortified wound, Bowen then asked to have a chocolate bunny at the checkout. I told him no and that too much candy would put holes in his teeth. He pointed to the checker and said, rather loudly, “She has holes in her teeth!” I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! To the man with the beard and the checker, I am so sorry that my 2 year old has not learned better manners!

I could write a book with embarrassing things my kids have done. I thought it would be fun to hear some other embarrassing stories, so I took to Facebook to find some!

I wondered if embarrassing your parents might be hereditary when my mother-in-law told me that when my husband was 5, he kicked his dad’s boss in the shin at a backyard party.

My mother also volunteered that I told someone that she hated them.

Erica’s son Eli shouted “Daddy’s beer! Daddy’s beer” when they were walking by the beer aisle at the grocery store!

Talking about private parts always makes for a funny story.

My aunt’s then 3 year old daughter was looking at bulls at the stock show, when she shouted to a passerby, “Look at that bull’s penis!”

My 5 year old nephew, Reagan has embarrassed his mom a few times, since his favorite bit of information to share is that a sperm whale has a 9 foot penis!

Lots of parents have had plenty of embarrassing potty moments!

Kelley said that her son, Kash, has learned to pass gas in public and then blame it on her, while Erica’s son once very loudly asked in a public bathroom, “Momma, you go poopoo?”

Stephanie’s daughter Lillie insisted on wearing underwear to the store and then had an accident in the middle of the store.

Grant, my 2 year old nephew, had an accident as well. While mom and dad were rather embarrassed, Grant was proud to tell a stranger, “I pooped in my pants!”

While I am sure to experience many more embarrassing moments as a mom, I just remind myself that they make for a really funny story later. I also take comfort in the fact that my children will more than likely be ‘paid back’, so to speak, when they have children. I hope these funny stories brought a smile to your face! I know they made me laugh.