Kenny Chesney once paid to keep Taylor Swift off his tour, rather than on it. And while that initial news may seem like the stuff gossip sites live for, there was no bad blood or shocking scandal that prompted the decision.

Several years ago, Swift was slated to open for Chesney, but the up-and-coming star was not yet 18, and Chesney had booked Corona Light as a sponsor for his tour. Because of the slew of ethical and legal issues that stemmed from having a minor open for a tour sponsored by a leading alcohol brand, Chesney chose to let Swift's camp know about the situation before the tour began.

“I had to call her and tell her she couldn’t be on the tour,” Chesney recalls. Although he apologized about the situation, there wasn't anything he could do to change it. He wrote Swift a check to make up for potential revenue lost.

That year, Swift won the Country Music Association's Entertainer of the Year award, ending Chesney's four-year stint as the reigning entertainer.

“I went up to her backstage, gave her a hug and told her I wanted my money back,” Chesney jokes.

Today, both Chesney and Swift have found remarkable success as musicians. Swift recently switched from country to pop, releasing her hugely successful pop album, 1989, in fall 2014. She's gearing up for her 1989 tour now.

Chesney, on the other hand, is preparing for his Big Revival tour, which kicks off in Nashville on March 26. Think he's considered asking Swift to open again?

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