Kenny Chesney may be one of the biggest stars and best-looking guys in country music, but according to Kid Rock, the 'Pirate Flag' hitmaker is really bad at one thing: picking restaurants. 

About a decade ago, Rock was in Music City and reached out to see if Chesney wanted to grab some food. The long-haired, rocker-turned-country singer wanted some good ole' Southern cooking, and knew that his Nashville-based pal would know just the place.

He tells GQ, "It must've been twelve years ago, one of my first times ever really hanging out in Nashville, before I bought a place there. Kenny Chesney's gonna take me to dinner. I'm like, 'Cool, I want to go eat some sh-- kickin' stuff, back-porch home cooking'-- you know, barbecue, something like that."

Rock continues, "He goes, 'Meet me at P.F. Chang's.' And I'd never heard of P.F. Chang's. And I'm thinking, 'This is the spot!' I didn't know it was a chain or anything."

Much to Rock's surprise, the restaurant was not the homestyle, hole-in-the-wall barbecue place he had been envisioning. Instead, it was a classy Asian chain restaurant -- and time to switch his mindset from greasy fingers to chopsticks.

He recalls, "I walk in there -- I'm like, 'Are you fu-- kidding me?' And of course Kenny's, like, getting, 'Mr. Chesney, would you like the usual?' and he's got, like, a little umbrella drink. I'm like, 'Come on. Come on, Kenny.' I couldn't believe it. I'm like, 'What is this fu-- place?" He's like, 'Oh, it's my favorite restaurant.'"

Rock adds humorously, "This is the exact opposite of what I had in mind."

Maybe Chesney's culinary choices have changed since then, or maybe he still dines at ol' P.F. Chang's. Either way, next time Rock and Chesney go out to eat, you know who's choosing the restaurant.