This coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine has left country artists scrambling to find ways to keep their beards and hair at bay. Blake Shelton’s playing hair salon, getting crafty with his hair and now donning a mullet, while artists like Thomas Rhett and Shay Mooney have thrown in the towel and wiped their staple beards clean.

However, Keith Urban isn’t joining the club and taking scissors to his famous mane. Nope, he’s letting his hair hang low ... literally.

The normally well-groomed Urban posted a photo on Instagram that honestly makes you have to look twice.

Writing, “…honestly…do I even need a caption. ?!!!!! #quarantinehair -KU,” the singer takes the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words to a whole other level. With his normally middle-parted hair all pulled toward the front, you can see his tresses have really thrived during this downtime. We want to know what Urban’s eating so we can get great hair length like his! If the quarantine lasts any longer, his wife Nicole Kidman might have to pull a Gwen Stefani and cut her hubby’s hair (maybe Shelton can give Urban some hairstyle suggestions).

Fans seem to really relate to Urban’s dilemma, commenting that they get it and are also in desperate need of a haircut. Guess you can say Keith Urban is so #relate.

Even though concerts and festivals have been put on pause, Urban has been quite active in finding ways to engage with his fans during this time and give back. Urban recently took part in the One World: Together at Home TV special, an event organized by Lady Gaga to encourage fans to stop the spread of COVID-19. Urban had viewers seeing triple, digitally cloning himself as he sang Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love”.

In addition to his many recent at-home intimate performances, Urban recently released his single, “God Whispered Your Name," and dropped another new song, “Polaroid,” on Friday morning (April 24).

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