San Antonio is home to some of the most beautiful scenic spots, and one of the go-to places to stop is the River Walk. A beautiful stream of the San Antonio River, surrounded by delectable restaurants and fun stores to shop at, gives the River Walk a high rating for many San Antonio visitors.

The fun doesn't stop there, though; the River Walk has just given us one more reason to stop by, PUBLIC KAYAKING. That's right, you can now kayak on the famous river downtown.

According to the San Antonio River Authority, visitors can now, "Rent a kayak and enjoy kayaking along the famous San Antonio River Walk as it winds through the world-famous Downtown Business District." Can you imagine how relaxing a trip that could be, just gliding down the river, taking in all the beautiful views along the way?

This experience will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sundays and require a minimum of one-day reservation in advance. The only catch is, the last day kayaking on the river will be available is November 1. That means only a handful of weekends are left to squeeze in a quick trip to San Antonio.

Such a fun experience comes at a great time; with COVID basically wiping out summer, this fun event will make some good 2020 memories throughout all the chaos. On behalf of the San Antonio River Authority, General Manager Suzanne Scott said, “We were so pleased to partner with the San Antonio River Walk Association to provide this unique opportunity for people to paddle the historic downtown River Walk."

Kayaking along the River Walk is appropriate for all skill levels, even beginner kayakers. The route is not a guided tour, so kayakers will get to explore on their own within the downtown Business District freely. Kayak rentals are available for $50. If you happen to BYOK(bring your own kayak) there is a launching fee before you enjoy the river.

Some of the General Rules to follow while kayaking includes: 

  • You must check-in, sign a waiver, and launch (and exit) from the river level behind the Tobin Center[].
  • Kayakers on the river without a paid wristband will be asked to exit the river immediately.
  •  Life jackets MUST be worn at all times.
  • You must always stay in the kayak, do not dock your kayak on the side of the river or leave your kayak unattended.
  • No alcohol or floating coolers allowed.

So if you are looking for a fun experience, clear your weekend plans and head on over to the River Walk to kayak and explore the River Walk.

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