The staff of Time has put together a list for 2018 celebrating individuals who are changing the status quo of the American South. Kane Brown lands on this eclectic list, representing music among standouts from the worlds of politics, sports, technology, education and art.

Brown was chosen for how he uniquely has "has bucked norms at every step of his journey," as Time describes him. As a "biracial singer in a genre dominated by white stars" who doesn't care to rock a cowboy hat, he has always known he is an outlier in the country music world.

However, as Time points out, "[Brown's] honeyed drawl, willingness to stretch genre boundaries and highly personal storytelling have won him fans far beyond social media." That's certainly true, as he’s the first artist to top all of Billboard’s country charts simultaneously, and his 2017 single "What Ifs" is one of the most-streamed country songs in history.

“There have been some fans that still don’t let me in,” he told the outlet, but says he ultimately believes country music is “all about love."

Brown is in interesting and formidable company on the Time tally; others who made the list include Danica Roem, the first openly transgender person to ever serve in a state legislature; New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis; and Greenville, S.C. mayor Knox White.

The singer continues to have a busy and buzzing 2018, topping several midyear country sales charts, and getting ready for his wedding. He hasn't disclosed the exact date he'll be marrying fiancee Katelyn Jae, but it's expected to be this fall.

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