Congratulations to Victoria's new Sheriff, Justin Marr! reported the unofficial results last night about 8 P.M. Many voters were surprised to see what was such a tight race a few months ago become such a runaway victory for Justin Marr.

Marr told CrossroadsToday in the video above that he felt like he was on top of the world after winning with around 66% of the vote or some 7052 votes for Marr. Dale Fowler finished with 33% of the vote or 3619 votes.

Marr will be speaking with Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller to determine when the appointment will take place. Marr mentioned he was hoping that would happen this week.

During the primary election, the results were much closer with Marr finishing with 45% of the vote and Fowler with 42.1%. Justin Marr has 22 years of experience under his belt with time spent as a jailer and a Sergeant with the Sheriff's office.

Fowler was serving as the President of the Victoria Economic Development Corporation. We wish both public servants well and hope to see Fowler continue to be a part of Victoria's development.

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