Jon Pardi remains committed to bringing fiddle and steel to country radio. His new song "Last Night Lonely" is his most radio-ready release to date.

The uptempo new song doesn't push boundaries like so many of his other singles have. For example, the horns on "Tequila Little Time" stood up, as did the Texas swing to "Heartache Medication," the first single from his last album of the same name.

Go way back to the raw guitar chords that intro his country-stomper, "What I Can't Put Down" to find his most adventurous offering. That song just cracked the Top 40, but remains a thrilling live moment. The first three singles from California Sunrise were his three most commercially successful to date, and each ("Head Over Boots," "Dirt On My Boots" and "Heartache on the Dance Floor") tickled some new impulse.

Now 13 singles into his 10-year career at Capitol, Pardi's voice is familiar and wanted on country radio, and this new song's recognizable lyric (courtesy of Jimi Bell, Joe Fox and Dylan Marlowe) should befriend any obstacles that would keep a song from racing up the charts.

Did You Know?: "Last Night Lonely" is the first release from Pardi's next studio album, his fourth on Capitol Nashville.

Jon Pardi's "Last Night Lonely" Lyrics:

Yeah, this could be your last drink from a stranger in a bar / The last time that you’re dancing in unfamiliar arms / Yeah, this could be your last first kiss if we do this thing right / Your last time alone beneath neon lights.

It could be your last night coming in here drinking all by yourself / The last time giving your heart away to someone else / Yeah, we could be some history in the making girl, tonight / Might be your last night lonely.

Yeah, you could be the last first name that’s ever been worth asking / Yeah, you could be the last phone number I write down on a napkin / Yeah, you could be the last girl that I take back home to mama / The last time that we’re talked about in this small-town drama.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus Twice

It could be your last night lonely / Yeah, last night lonely.

attachment-Last Night Lonely Cover Art
Capitol Nashville

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