John Rich will be saving a horse and riding on over to Fox Nation as he hosts a new program called The Pursuit! With John Rich, according to a press release from Fox News.

The musician, who is one half of the country music duo Big & Rich, will host the show on Fox's direct-to-consumer streaming service. The Pursuit! With John Rich will begin in February of 2020, and will film at the singer's house in Nashville.

The new Fox Nation show will feature fellow celebrities, as well as friends of the country music singer, who will discuss their personal journeys to achieve the American dream.

Both Rich and John Finley, who is executive vice president of development for Fox Nation, have spoken out about the singer's new show.

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"John has been an asset to Fox News throughout the year, helping us raise money for Folds of Honor through the hit single "Shut Up About Politics" and his role in the recent Fox Nation Patriot Awards. We are overjoyed to have him join our platform and bring our subscribers a new realm of entertainment we know they will enjoy," Finley says.

"Joining Fox Nation is a new and exciting venture that I am looking forward to pursuing. Through my program, I hope to further connect with the Fox News family and continue to create meaningful content," adds Rich.

Rich is no stranger to Fox audiences, as the singer Rich teamed up with The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld to write Rich's single "Shut Up About Politics." The singer performed the song on The Five in May.

Since its release, the song has gone on to raise $50,000 for Folds of Honor. It is available to download and stream, with the proceeds going to grant scholarships to the families of fallen and wounded soldiers.

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