It's hard not to get pumped up when one hears Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" — the song, especially the version featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, was inarguably the single of 2019. Jason Aldean's two youngest kids seem to feel the same as everyone else when the song comes on, particularly toddler son Memphis, who took the lyric "Ride til I can't no more" a little too literally.

In a funny video Aldean posted to social media, 2-year-old Memphis is shown riding a wheeled stuffed pony wildly around the house to the strains of the song. Baby sister Navy (who just turned 1 this month, and also just started walking recently as well), toddles along behind him. All is fine and well .... until poor Memphis gets a little too fast for his own good and ends up eating it, head over heels, right on the front hallway mat.

"When u go too hard in the paint," dryly observes Aldean, tossing in a basketball slang reference that connotes giving one's all to the task.

Aldean launched his 2020 We Back Tour on Jan. 30 in Columbia, S.C., and he's set to perform across the U.S. through the end of September. Morgan Wallen and Riley Green serve as opening acts during the winter dates before Brett Young and Mitchell Tenpenny take over in the summer. Dee Jay Silver joins Aldean on the road for the duration of the tour.

See Pictures of Jason Aldean's New Home, Under Construction:

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