Country star Jason Aldean looked tough as nails in the exclusive first look at his upcoming movie 'Sweetwater.' Now, the official movie trailer and poster have been revealed. Tthe verdict? The entire film seems to be tough as nails!

The singer tweeted the movie poster in as few words as necessary, announcing, "Movie poster for Sweetwater," and although he didn't elaborate his thoughts on it, we expect he got a few chills up his spine upon seeing himself next to some of Hollywood's most influential actors.

Leading lady January Jones is front and center in the poster, with wavy blonde hair and a purple dress. Aldean is near the back, with a brooding expression on his face.

The reputable cast includes Ed Harris, Jones, Jason Isaacs and Eduardo Noriega, along with the 'Night Train' hitmaker. He has already revealed that his character, a henchman, dies during the movie. He also does a bit of the dirty work.

Fans can catch a glimpse of what he's talking about in the trailer for 'Sweetwater' which promises a whole lot of action, with a gritty, dark, intense feel, involving horses, gunshots, the gorgeous Jones and plenty of steely stares.

However, Aldean didn't appear in the official trailer, making us even more excited for the film's release and his acting debut.

'Sweetwater’ will be released to theaters and video on demand on Oct. 11.

Check Out Jason Aldean's 'Sweetwater' Trailer