J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans is pretty much a humanitarian's humanitarian. He came through big time to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, and now he's coming through again by offering to pay for the funerals of the 10 victims of last Friday's shooting at Santa Fe High School.

Watt raised over $37 million last year for hurricane victims, and now he's offered to help ease some of the suffering in Santa Fe, the announcement was confirmed by officials of the Houston Texans.

Following the incident, the team issued the following statement.

On behalf of the Texans organization, we are saddened by the tragic events at Sante Fe High School this morning and extend our thoughts and heartfelt condolences to the victims, their families and all those affected. We are grateful for the brave first responders, law enforcement officials and medical personnel. The Texans family will continue to pray for our neighbors.

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