We've all ordered something to be delivered to us in Texas.

The excitement only grows more and more as we wait for said item. It could be a piece of clothing we're really excited to show it off, or it could be a gift for someone you can't wait to give to them. Whatever the item, the time for it to arrive seems longer than it should be doesn't it?

But imagine this scenario, the item you order never comes. What might have caused that? Could the item been lost in transit somewhere?

Unfortunately, the item might not have come because it taken forcefully by an unknown individual. Recently, mail carriers have been subject to violence for unknown reasons.

Violence Against Mail Carriers In State Of Texas Growing

According to CBS News Texas, attack against mail personnel have grown recently. As reported by the news organization, five attacks have been reported as happening in the past month. One described by CBS happened in Frisco, where an unidentified mail worker was forced to give their arrow key to a person holding them at gunpoint.

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The National President of the Postal Police Officers Association, Frank Albergo, said the following, per CBS News Texas:

"Every day you have a letter carrier with a gun stuck in his or her face demanding those arrow keys...It's a very dangerous situation."

Albergo also requested that certain mail workers in Texas, who have more dangerous routes, be given a police escort. According to CBS News Texas, the US Postal has over 350 officers guarding offices.

Albergo also stated that wouldn't stop mail theft all together, however he said "can we make a dent? Of course, we can."

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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