Thief Allegedly Steals Phone from Woman at Houston AT&T Store.

The video at the bottom of this article takes place at an AT&T store in Houston Texas.

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This piece of surveillance footage should serve as a warning to people: Always be aware of your surroundings.

As the video opens, we see Twitter user @DriftOnEm seated at a table as she prepares to trade her phone in for an upgraded model. A man stands about three feet from her staring menacingly at the two women as they attempt to conduct their transaction.  

After a beat, the man apparently sensed it was time to act. He reaches across the table and yanks the new phone away from the unsuspecting woman.


The man then takes off and runs out of the front door with an employee chasing after him. The employee gives up once they get in the parking lot, and the man appears to make an escape.


We wonder if this could have been prevented if the lady had a little more situational awareness. You should never let a person just stand there and stare at you. Not even a child, much less a grown man. Ask them if you can help them, then express to them that you need some space. If they refuse, relocate to another area in the store.


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