Now that the Fourth of July has passed, people can now start focusing on the next mega American holiday: Halloween. Several stores across the country have already started putting this year's spooky season collections on store shelves.

Every year, it looks like decorations for holidays keep getting put out earlier and earlier. But none more so than Halloween. Some people started seeing colors of orange and black on store shelves as early as June. But come July, there's no denying that the Halloween decorations come out in full force.

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If you search "Code Orange" on social media, especially TikTok, you'll find all the places where people have seen Halloween decorations on display. So far, spooky decor has been spotted at the following:



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At Home


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Home Goods


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JOANN Fabric and Crafts


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People are waiting for big drops from Lowe's and The Home Depot.

The most anticipated Halloween decoration drops actually come from Lowe's and The Home Depot. Lowe's gave a sneak peek if the store's drop this year in a TikTok much earlier this year on April 24 and has since been releasing exclusive online drops. But a date has not been announced for when the decorations will hit the floor.  

@lowes Happy Halfway to Halloween - our first drop of the Halloween season is alive (but not for long). The 12 ft. Scarecrow is back and available at the link in our profile while supplies last. And, enjoy a sneak peek at our Halloween assortment to come! #halloween2024countdown #lowes #halloweenfinds ♬ original sound - Lowe’s

On March 13, The Home Depot announced that it's signature Skelly will be back this Halloween season, plus a new companion and friends.

The Home Depot issued limited quantities of its Halloween decorations for online shoppers on April 25. But since then had not announced when the items would be available in store. However, on July 9, The Home Depot posted a cryptic Skelly post on its social media platforms.

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Are you seeing Halloween decorations in stores?

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