Tax-free weekend is this weekend, August 7th through August 9th, and we've got the information you need to save big, but we also have a special request to you, our listeners as well.

We are hosting our annual Back to School Bash on August 18th with the intent to give students who might otherwise struggle with having their supplies, a hand up by packing free backpacks with all the good stuff they need to get their school year started right. If you can, please consider giving. We're providing the link for businesses and individuals who want to contribute here.

Back to School Bash will happen at Toyota of Victoria. Parents can enter the "drive-thru" from the rear of the dealership and line up to pull through in order and receive a back-pack. Children are required to be in the car with you to receive a backpack. Some surprise guests will be on hand to wave to the kids. Backpacks will be given out while supplies last. We are still accepting partners and donations at the final hour, so if your group or organization would like to participate please use the link above to reach out today. You can always text us anytime using our FREE station app.

With tax-free weekend and social distancing in mind, the Texas Comptroller's office offers their encouragement to shop ONLINE, and if needed practice social distancing while wearing masks as this weekend promises to be an especially busy shopping weekend this year.

Ordering from national online chains should be relatively simple as long as the items are paid in full from Aug. 7th through 9th. If you have specific questions regarding how delivery dates and layaway are handled through the Texas Comptrollers office, we've provided a link here.

Tip: Call your store's customer service department prior to this weekend to see how to proceed with your online order in your cart to be sure of final costs and exemptions.

Another note of interest: If a single item costs over a hundred dollars, that item will not be tax-exempt. For online orders, watch out for delivery changes on those single items as delivery costs can affect the tax exemption.

Tax-free items include shirts, pants, socks, and some shoes; for instance, dress shoes are exempt but baseball cleats are not. Most school supplies and backpacks are eligible as well. You're good to go for most clothing and some accessories, again, as long as one single item, like a backpack, doesn't cost over a hundred dollars.

We've included a specific list of tax-exempt items provided by the Texas Comptrollers office here.

If you shop in person, keep in mind in most stores you will need to wear your mask.

Stay safe, shop well, and give if you can.

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