If you are a positive person, there are some good things that have happened during this pandemic.  For example, I have had dinner with my entire family almost EVERY NIGHT since March.  We had an extra few months with my daughter from college, and more time to play baseball and ride bikes with my son, while spending more time with my wife on weekends.

Here is another positive thing that has happened, many things are cheaper! In a report from your friends at click2houston.com, you can find many items that are cheaper in South Texas since the pandemic.

Shopping blogger Kyle James put together a list of things that are actually cheaper during the pandemic. Here are a few of them. Scroll down to see if you need to take advantage of any of the deals going on right now.

If you know of any awesome deals that were not covered in the article, please send me an email JP@townsquaremedia.com and I might add your finds to the list. Also, if you are still having a hard time finding products, please send me that information as well.

As we learn to co-exist with COVID-19, please be safe, wear your mask, and practice social distancing.


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