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MMMkkkay. We've got to talk about a Port Arthur Texas thief who got caught on camera stealing a neighboring lawnmower but... not before he mowed the front and back lawn which, begs the question...

Is there such a thing as a thoughtful Texas thief? 

According to KXAN, resident Texan, Marcus Hubbard, can be seen in the footage below entering the Port Arthur property, mulling around until he finally decides to grab the owner's lawnmower.

First, though, he mulled around checking out the homeowner's bicycles and then zeroing in on the lawnmower.

Maybe the bike?
Maybe the bike?

Before he takes off with it though, Hubbard fills the lawnmower up with gasoline and takes the time to mow the front and back yards of the home. Maybe making him a thoughtful Texas thief? 

The homeowners called the police after hearing him mowing the lawn in the middle of the night. Hubbard abandoned the mower while evading police.

Or what about the Texas armed robber who walked into a car dealership in Houston but changed his mind while in the middle of drawing his gun, leaving the scene with a smile?

How about the article we posted months ago about the carjacker who stole a car with the engine still running while the driver was inside a convenience store?

The carjacker spun out of the parking lot and was flying down the road when he happened to notice a baby in the backseat buckled in their car seat. Enraged the carjacker turned around and went back to the convenience store, then reportedly lit into the mother, lecturing her on the danger of leaving the baby alone in the car, and threatening to call the police! He handed the baby back to the mother and took off in the car again! Okay wait, that was in Oregan. Still though.

Sometimes thieves do the most thoughtful albeit illegal things.

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