TikTok brings you so many random videos and some of them are really interesting, like this one. I have seen many instances on social media feeds where kids have their phones confiscated at school! The reason why is justified, they are not supposed to have their phones out in class. The question then becomes, can the school legally charge us parents to get those phones back? The answer is, YES!

According to the Education Code in Texas, code 37.082 to be exact. A school may legally charge you up to the maximum of $15 to get your child's phone back. However, this only can be executed IF the school has already adopted a policy that was adopted by the school board. This means you should be able to find this policy in print somewhere. Trustees of the school board can pass this!  This informational video can be found on @texaschancla's TikTok page. One of the Tiktok comments asked, does the school have to pay for my kid's devices if it breaks while under the school's possession? He is going to post his video response today.


@texaschancla Replying to @dude with a gf Is it legal for a school to charge a fee for confiscated cell phones? #texas #lawyer #school #backtoschool #teacher ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

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