IKEA specializes in affordable, streamlined and semi-stylish furniture that’s space-efficient, strangely named yet easy for just about anybody to put together. Oh, and their cafeteria has amazing Swedish meatballs. But the company is taking a bold step toward cornering the home-entertainment market with their latest “invention” – a combination TV stand and smart LED HDTV/Blu-ray player that reaches European markets this fall.

Named the UPPLEVA (of course), this device packages your home-entertainment needs into a relatively compact structure with a TV screen, built-in Blu-ray player, a cabinet, and a wireless subwoofer. Endgadget says the screens on the UPPLEVA will range from 24 to 46 inches, with prices for the unit starting around $960 overseas. After trial runs in Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Norway and Portugal, the UPPLEVA likely will expand to more markets – hopefully the U.S. – in the Spring of 2013.

That seems like a reasonable price for a smart TV with a Blu-ray player AND a storage unit. But will you buy this if it doesn’t fit the design of your place? IKEA furniture only fits certain styles, and the UPPLEVA matches that description. It won’t work for everybody, but for those who have limited space and a need for a combination unit, this could be ideal.

It also marks a step in the right direction for technology, as a whole. We just didn’t think IKEA would be one of those pioneers in the industry! So what do you think? Would you pick up this unit if it was available at your local IKEA?