I have known many musicians, some of them just play the drums, some play piano, but most play the guitar.  Every once in awhile I get the honor of hearing Joe Bob pick up our old dusty Copley guitar and just going off.  It's not tuned but it still sounds nice.  I want to play too, but everytime I pick it up he just gets annoyed due to me not having a clue what I'm doing.  I've tried many times to learn but I guess it is just not an instrument made for me to play.  Don't get me wrong, I have the ear for it, but it's just not me. 

I grew up playing the drums and the piano.  I never liked reading music so I would just hear what it's supposed to sound like and then play it back.  Of course it wasn't perfect the first time but that's why you practice.  I love music and everything about it.  I love making music with the instruments available.  The guitar, just doesn't love me.  Perhaps after reading this Joe Bob will give me a lesson.  

It's kinda funny to see some people playing the guitar as well.  Some of the most infuential guitar players just don't look like they would be the type of person that would even be interested in playing.  Looking at Joe Bob, you would think he was a brick mason, or an ex bouncer for Cactus Canyon.  If you love playing the guitar, I give you props for sticking to it, because it's an instrument that just frustrates me to the point I want to smash it just like you see the big bands do at the end of their shows.  I've always wanted to go get a cheap guitar and do that, just because. If you have the patience,  maybe you can teach me how to play someday.