Hunter Hayes won't wallow in heartbreak. His "Heartbreak" video is all about lighting a flame with someone new — "the one."

The video is basically Groundhog Day for Hayes — he keeps waking up on the same day, Feb. 10, each time the alarm rings. Things aren't much better when he gets outside, as he's batted with a newspaper that gets thrown at him. But then he sees a girl drive by, and she's staring at him.

So he grabs his bicycle and chases after the car. He stops for coffee, which of course gets spilled on him by a jogger who bumps into him. When he catches up with the girl, she slaps him and even tries to mace him — only to realize he was just trying to help her load some boxes. They resolve the issue and make a plan to meet up later.

Unfortunately for Hayes, a lot of things interfere — he doesn't make it. Cue Groundhog Day and it all starts over. In the end ... well, you'll have to watch.

The "Heartbreak" video was directed by Colin H. Duffy in Nashville. The video marks the first single and music video for Hayes' new album, which is yet to be titled or given an official release date. Hayes will be hitting the road on his headlining Closer to You Tour this spring.

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