It's an unusually tough case for the Edinburg Texas police department along with Texas Rangers after a human skull was turned over to an Edinburg priest by a local parishioner.

The details of the case are still being collected and the investigation is still ongoing but what we do know about the human skull is that, according to the parishioner, the human skull had been in the family for over forty years and had been used for "witchcraft and spiritual healing'.

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KRGV5 in the Rio Grande Valley reported that "The case started with the decision to turn to faith, but where the skull came from originally is still unknown. The report lists the skull as one of  "questionable death," at this time. You can view the full KRGV5 segment here.

KRGV5 went on to interview, Dr. Gordon Crews, a former police officer, who offered that it wasn't unheard of to keep a family member's skull as a family heirloom throughout history, although you can not will a skull to your family members now.

It is shockingly noted that it is NOT Illegal to buy and sell human remains on sites like today.

In fact, according to one report by Oscar Schwartz of WIRED UK in 2019, " Instagram's grisly human trade is booming." He interviewed a bone trade and collector in Belgium who offered, "People outside of the community often see what we do as maybe a little disturbing,” she said. “But the people who collect and trade are really genuine people, open and lovely. But a bit guarded."

Is the human skull turned over to the church in Edinberg an heirloom from a deceased relative who gifted it to the family decades ago or something more menacing?

The investigation and tests continue in the hopes of solving this unusual mystery.

We will keep you posted.

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