As we lay in wait for results regarding our next president while wading through conflicting political commentary, one thing is abundantly clear and undisputed... we've elected records wins for Latina women in politics.

We will look back on 2020 hopefully remembering the champions, as we focus on the historic wins in one of the biggest years for Latina women in American political history, while nine Latina women take their positions as leaders within the communities in which they serve.

In an article covered by Wearemitu, Wearemitu offers, "According to a report from the Center for American Women and Politics, a record-making 75 Latina congressional candidates ran for the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate this year, including those who may have lost their primary elections. Many more Latinas, including first-time contenders and politicians up for re-election, ran for office at lower levels of government throughout the country."

Attorney and Texan, Victoria Neave, was re-elected to the Texas House for District 107 with 57% of the vote offering humbly, once she heard of her re-election, " This race was won by all of us."

Ana-Maria Ramos, also a Texan was re-elected to the States House of Representatives for District 102, dispelling what her competitor called a "fluke" win after her 2016 election.

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Raquel Teran was also re-elected to the Arizona House of Representatives for District 30 again offered her thanks to everyone, including all candidates that ran, although she won unopposed.

Melisa Franzen of Minnesota kept her Senate seat for District 49 which she has held since she was elected in 2012.

Attorney Teresa Leger Fernandez won New Mexico's 3rd congressional district race, becoming not just the first Latina, but the first woman to hold the seat since it was created in 1983.

In Florida, Amy Mercado became an Orange County Property Appraiser becoming the first Latina to hold the seat.

Jessica Gonzalez- Rojas won the 34th District seat of the New York State Assembly offering, "This victory is a culmination of diverse coalition built on a grassroots campaign."

Luisa Santos of Miami, who had formally worked in the US Department of Education won her school board District 9 seat with 52% of the vote.

Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez who was re-elected by a 68% win in New York's 14th Congressional District representing portions of the burrows of Queens and the Bronx says it best, " Our sisterhood is resilient," when congratulating New York's other winning female politicians. " OWN YOUR POWER," Ocasio-Cortez offered on her Instagram page. 

Own Your Power. It's a very powerful message to all of us.


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