The Christmas break has passed for many students and teachers. Not all students came back to school with amazing stories of travel or having the experience of getting gifts.  A few teachers in our local area are reaching out to try and give the kids some cheer and let them know they are cared for.

We have compiled a list below of items needed. If you would like to donate please bring by our station 107 North Star Drive. Any items that aren't used will be donated to Midcoast Family and Restoration Ministries and VCAM.

Blankets- heavy ones when its cold.

BOY  : Jacket, large, Pants  10-12, Shirt 10-12, Shoe  men's 8.5, Socks &underwear needed, too.

GIRL :Jacket, medium, Pants  10-12, Shirt 10-12, Shoe  kid's 3.5,  Sports bras and underwear needed, too.

Father:  Shirt, 2XL, Pants, 40w 32L or 2XL, Boxer Briefs, 1XL, Shoe, 14

Boy -  Man Medium Shirts, 29/30 Pants, Shoe Size 10

Girl-  girl size 7 to 8 in shirts and pants

Girl - size 14 to 16 in teens shirts

Boy- 6 years old- -Size 6 or 6x in shirts and pants

Girl- 7 years old --size 10-12 in pants or shirts

Boy 2T or 3T in shirts or pants.




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