You just never know what you will see happening at a Whataburger location in the state of Texas. It's a lot like how you never know what to expect when going into a Walmart late at night anywhere in America.

Well, recently there has been a string of reports out of Houston, Texas about a person lingering around the Whataburger near I-10 and Wayside in Houston. This person has been said to be flashing customers late at night and ruining appetites while running through headlights beams.

The 'Whataburger Flasher' was reportedly killed last night after another flashing incident. The flasher returned to this same Whataburger location, did his thing, then took off running across the East Freeway. That's when the flasher was struck by an 18-wheeler according to

KTRK says officers responded to the Whataburger on the east side of the city after getting another call about indecent exposure. The Whataburger Flasher had hit their drive-thru yet again. It was the arrival of the police that caused the flasher to run away from the restaurant and onto the freeway. He made it to the East Bound lanes when the 18-wheeler hit him according to the Houston Chronicle.

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