Can you imagine being stuck in your apartment since March 19th? Not able to go anywhere or see anyone?

Christian tested positive for COVID-19 on March 19th. Fox7Austin reports that Christian then tested positive again on April 13th. On May 1st, he tested positive again.

Christian says he doesn't feel as sick as he originally did back in March but that he still can't smell anything, is often tired, and experiences shortness of breath. While Christian's story is unique there are many others out there with similar stories. Even more frustrating is that we never seem to hear information about the finer points of this virus. Can it re-infect the same person? How long can one person remain contagious or pass the virus to others? What about vaccination information? Nope. There is so much about this virus that we just don't know about. We have, however, perfected the art of having margaritas delivered to our front door.

So when someone gets excited about reopening or going to restaurants again, I want to get excited too. Then, I think about the Christians of the world. He told the media, "Fifty-two days and counting. This virus isn’t just a physical process, it’s a mental one too. You’re almost stuck with your thoughts. I’m scared because there’s still a virus inside me.”

Testing positive for COVID-19 means very specifically that you have part of the genetic code of the virus in your body. It's is not a guarantee that you are going to spread it to someone else. At least, so far as the medical community is able to tell us right now. There are over 30,000 people in our state so far who have tested positive like Christian. As time goes by, this is now the third or 4th story about a person experiencing multiple positive tests for the virus.



One of the key questions I would love to see answered is how long can someone transmit this virus? Wouldn't it be vital to know this before you can really tell someone to go back to their regular routine? We just don't have the answer yet.

Bermea's advice for others? Even if you are feeling better, play it safe rather than sorry. He plans on continuing to self isolate until he is finally able to take a test that does not come back positive. We hope at that point that he can move to a COVID free residence. Would you want to live in that apartment after being stuck there with COVID-19 for 2+ months? I don't know that I could stay there another day.

Stay healthy and stay safe and remember to wear your mask when out in public.

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