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Even as the decision to cancel the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show for 2021 made headline news, over 3,000 young art students were still hard at work, pencils and paintbrushes in hand, creating their entries for one of the most prestigious art shows for youth in our great state.

Even without the event going public, a decision was made by the Houston Livestock and Rodeo commissions to continue competitions for students, many of whom rely on the results of these rodeo competitions, including the art competition for much-needed college funds for their future.

Out of the 3,000 entries, 72 of the pieces submitted by youth from all over Texas won the right to compete for the grand prizes.

This year ABC 13 Houston reports that among the top winners Jaydan Kisinger, who took home the prize for 2021 Grand Champion Work of Art, and Justin Amomoy, who won the 2021 Reserve Grand Champion were honored as well as surprised to learn they had won. Justin Amomoy even became emotional during the awards ceremony as he knows how much the awarded scholarship dollars will mean for his family.

On May 16th all 72 winning pieces of artwork will go up online for the chance to bid and win one of these unique pieces from some of our most talented youth artists in the state. You can find more information on how to participate in the bidding by clicking here.

We wish each of these students the best of luck in their artistic endeavors in the future.

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