Sadly, the worst things sometimes happen to the nicest people. Heidi and Paul Sanchez who are known by many in our community, whether it’s through the volunteer work they have done, Heidi caring for your pet as her own or on the baseball field. Thursday morning their house caught on fire. Thank goodness they are all alright as no one was home. The most treasured lost was their son’s cat companion, Ben.  

   We would like to help them as much as we can. If you would like to drop by a card or gift card to eateries, HEB,  department stores,  gasoline, whatever we know they will appreciate it. Or if you  would like to donate cash please put in a sealed envelope and bring it by our radio station.  We ask at this time to stay away from giving actual items.

    Last but not least Pray. I know it wasn't very spiritual of me to put this last, but if you are a person who prays, you started as soon as you heard the news. Please keep the prayers coming.  Our station is located at 107 North Star Drive. We are open Monday- Friday 8a-5p. If you would need someone to come pick up your donation please call 571-4840 or call 652-8210 .


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