Walker Hayes is taking fans back a couple decades with his new single, "90's Country." Readers can press play above to hear the brand-new track.

Per a press release, Hayes, Shane McAnally and LYRX co-wrote "90's Country," while David Garcia, McAnally and Hayes produced the song. The song's beat and melody are 100-percent modern -- a steady drum loop -- but its lyrics tell a love story by calling back to famous songs of the decade: "Strawberry Wine" by Deana Carter, “Cowboy, Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks, “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” by Kenny Chesney and many others.

"Do you love me? If you do, check yes, please / Girl, you know you think my tractor's sexy," Hayes sings in the chorus of "90's Country. "Got me spinnin' like a jukebox junkie / Makin' me feel like '90s country / You make me feel like '90s country."

""90’s Country” is my tribute to the musical time period that moved me the most. I listened to '90s country with my mother in the car driving to the beach, with my father on the Waffle House jukebox, and with my brother in his truck driving to baseball games. These songs are very nostalgic," Hayes tells CMT. According to Hayes, there are a total of 22 '90s country songs woven into his new tune -- and that's not even all of the ones he wanted to include!

"Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit all of my favorites in it," Hayes adds. "It was important to me to make sure that if a listener didn’t recognize the references that there be a cool story inside the lyric as well."

To tease his new single, Hayes recreated a few famous '90s album covers on Instagram ahead of the song's release. "90's Country" is now available for download and streaming.

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