Country fans are familiar with Maren Morris' single "My Church" by now, but during a recent visit to the Taste of Country Nights studio, Morris selected to perform a different song from her self-titled EP: "80's Mercedes."

The acoustic rendition puts the focus squarely on Morris' voice, as she's accompanied only by a strumming guitar. The song features a catchy chorus that paints a vivid picture of the rising star cruising around town: "Feel like a hard-to-get starlet when I'm driving / Turning every head / Hell, I ain't even trying / Got them Ray-Ban shades / Pretty in pink / Call me old school, but, hey / I'm a '90s baby in my '80s Mercedes / I'm a '90s baby in my '80s Mercedes."

For the record: Morris was born in 1990, so she just barely makes the "'90s baby" cutoff.

This summer, Morris will join Keith Urban and Brett Eldredge on the road, as part of Urban’s 2016 RipCORD World Tour. More information is available on Urban’s official website.

More information about Morris is available on her official website. Her self-titled EP is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to Maren Morris, "80's Mercedes":

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