The Josh Abbott Band have released "Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey," the first single off of their upcoming new album, Until My Voice Goes Out. Readers can press play below to hear the blues-y tune, complete with a robust horn section.

With "Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey," the Josh Abbott Band are stepping out of their usual "Texicana"-country sound to deliver a sultry, swinging ode to the women of their homeland and the whiskey of their Southern roots; the tune is a rowdy, feel-good, country-bar song. According to the song's lyrics, Texas women and Tennessee whiskey are "the only two things guaranteed to get me."

"I'm intoxicated, I'm devoted / I'm addicted, damn, I want 'em / Can't get enough, Heaven help me ...," JAB sing in the chorus of "Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey." The verses go on to praise the powers of the two things that keep life real in the Lone Star State: "Up in my head, down in my veins / Once you turn 'em on, you don't want to turn 'em off / They get you high, high, high ... When one does you wrong, the other does you right / There ain't nothing about both of 'em I don't like."

The Josh Abbott Band have a history of creating anthems that nod to their home state -- "She's Like Texas," for example. "Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey" was written by Josh Abbott, Josh Hoge and Michael Haney and is the lead single for Until My Voice Goes Out, which is set for release on Aug. 18.

Listen to Josh Abbott Band, "Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey":

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