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One of the Ten Commandments of Victoria is "Thou Shall Recognize Gary Moses as Thy Brother."

Gary Moses, Victoria Icon and Heart of Gold

Gary Moses, known as Brother Gary Moses to each and every one of us has dedicated his life to promoting the people and events of the Crossroads community. You may have seen him around town before, shaken his hand... given him a hug while returning his genuine smile? But what do we really know about the man we all call "Brother?"

Here is your chance, as a business owner to really get to know the man behind the monicker.

We've got an opportunity for business owners to truly meet Gary Moses as he takes the stage for a one on one interview as well as lunch and a Q&A from you. It's Townsquare Talk on September 21st from 12 to 1:15 right here at the station located at 107 North Star Drive.

Be sure to bring your business cards to share with other guests. We'll be talking with Brother Gary about successful business branding and hosting successful business events too.

Here are some things about Gary Moses that you might not know.

Did you know Gary was exceptionally shy when he was in school? Yep, the man of the hour hardly spoke at all when he was younger!

Do you know that Brother Gary has carried a comb in his back pocket since he was a kid in the 50's? It's like a good luck charm at this point for Gary and he doesn't leave his house without a comb.

See, you're going to learn even more fun things about a really good guy plus some of his secrets to branding and business event success.

All you have to do is RSVP. We will take care of the rest. RSVP below or call us @ 361.573.0777


So what about those Ten 'Victoria' Commandments? Check them out below.

Feel free to add a commandment of your own in the article space provided.

We will be reading these to Gary when he joins us for Townsquare Talk on Sept. 21st.

Please join us. It's free and you are invited. 

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