Hang Time Trampoline Park is celebrating the Days of Summer!  Each week this summer we are asking you to tell us about a kiddo in your life that rocks.  This week’s winners are John Medrano and Cora King.  Both kiddos will receive one hour of free jump time at Hang Time Trampoline Park.  See below why these kiddos rock!


John Medrano

Siblings are your first friends.  And any little sister knows how special she is to have a big brother.  John waited patiently for nine years to become the amazing big brother he is.  He helps his make her bottles, change her diapers and consoles her while his mom gets chores done around the house.  He even lets her play Minecraft with him.  John is turning into a protective and loving big brother.  Thank you Yolanda for introducing us to John!


Cora King

Self-discipline and hard work will always pay off.  And it sure did for Cora.  This year she made the A-B honor roll, received perfect attendance and was awarded in the Spelling Bee Club.  Not only that…Cora made it in the top 3 in her class.  Keep up the hard work and 5th grade is going to rock!  Thanks Kaylyn for letting us know why Cora rocks!

Do you know a kiddo that rocks?