H-E-B continues to take care of Texas.  Yesterday, H-E-B's throughout Houston randomly paid for customers' groceries in the spirit of the giving season. In a video posted by KPRC Click 2 Houston, we see employees of HEB surprising unsuspected customers as they checked out.  Some of the unsuspecting customers overcome by emotion.  Some of them said that they would continue the chain of giving.  Just another reason that we love H-E-B.

Just last week, HEB was named the #1 grocer in America during the pandemic. As they set industry standards throughout the United States.  Not only was H-E-B taking care of our great state of Texas, but they were also taking even better care of their employees.  They increased their employee's wages permanently during the pandemic, and in October they also issued a $500 bonus to all of their employees at the peak of the pandemic.   The company has continued to open stores during the pandemic.  They also continued to take care of our first responders, front line workers, military and veteran families, and giving to community food banks including in our hometown of Victoria.  They also led relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura with their mobile kitchen and so many other awesome things. H-E-B is also leading the charge in the COVID-19 vaccination distribution.  Thank you for taking care of Texas.

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